Sustainable Oceans Accelerator

The ocean produces 50% of our oxygen, is the primary source of food for 3.5 billion people, controls global weather patterns and is the planet’s largest ecosystem with tremendous biodiversity. All of this is currently threatened by marine pollution, ocean acidification, unsustainable fishing and habitat destruction. Fortunately, the Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) is working to solve these problems by empowering young innovators to become leaders in preserving the health and sustainability of the ocean. Ripple worked with SOA to announce five technology startups to be the first participants in the organization’s Ocean Solutions Accelerator program. Ripple’s outreach around this announcement resulted in coverage in Forbes, Impact Alpha, Triple PunditInvestor Ideas, Sustainable Brands, TechCrunch and stories in Ocean Magazine and Seven Seas Magazine. We wish these innovative companies the best of luck in their efforts to revolutionize plastics, fisheries, packaging, oil spill cleanup and sustainable energy.

Update: Ripple worked with SOA to publicize their Ocean Solutions Gala and received amazing coverage in this San Francisco Chronicle Story.