Toxic Children’s Jewelry

When you see “lead-free” on a product, you may (logically) assume that there is no lead. WRONG. The Ecology Center’s recent study of toxic chemicals in low-cost jewelry – much of which is marketed to children – proves that not only may there be lead, but there may also be cadmium, nickel, mercury and other hazardous chemicals. Ripple publicized this new research – available at – and garnered high profile coverage on CBS, ABC News San Francisco, Boston Herald, Houston Chronicle, Fox Detroit, San Francisco Chronicle, United Press International, New York Magazine, Seattle Post and more. According to the CPSC, parents and caregivers should not allow young children to be given, or to play with, cheap metal jewelry, especially when unsupervised. The CPSC states that: “Swallowing, sucking on or chewing a metal charm or necklace could result in exposure to lead, cadmium or other heavy metals, which are known to be toxic at certain levels of exposure.” Why these chemicals aren’t regulated at all is another story. Grrrrrrrr.

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