Guide to Greener Electronics

Ripple promoted Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics, which ranked 15 top manufacturers of personal computers, televisions, mobile phones and smart devices according to company performance on: energy and climate issues, the production of greener electronics, and the creation of sustainable operations.

HP came in first, followed by Dell and then Nokia. With our media advisory and pit-bull-like pitching, we generated stories in USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, CNET, CNN Money / Fortune, Forbes, Giga Om, GreenBiz, PC World and more. The U.S. Greenpeace spokesperson was also interviewed by ABC and CBS radio. The primary goals of the Guide are to get companies to: 1) become more energy efficient; 2) make products that are free of hazardous substances and last longer; and 3) disclose and reduce environmental impacts throughout company operations, from the type of materials and energy used in the supply chain, to providing free and convenient global take-back programs for its products.

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