Chemicals in Car Seats

Crash tests aren’t the only way to prove the safety of a child’s car seat, according to research by our client, the Ecology Center. Their original data, which Ripple has released several years in a row at, shows that some car seats are made with dangerous chemicals including bromine, chlorine and lead that can lead to serious health risks for children.

Ripple originally launched these findings by booking the study’s author, Jeff Gearhart, on CNN American Morning for a 10 minute feature on the issue. CNN used the B-Roll we created, as did dozens of NBC, CBS and ABC stations around the country. Our most recent release of this data generated over 1,000 TV stories, with a calculated PR value of over $5 million! Other media outlets that ran the story included: USA Today, MSNBC, San Francisco Chronicle, Consumer Reports, Motor Trend, Treehugger, WebMD & Agence France Presse. Fortunately also lists car seats and other products that are free of toxic chemicals, proving that it is possible to create safer alternatives. In addition, the Ecology Center’s findings turn up less toxic chemicals each year, demonstrating that manufacturers are paying attention and starting to change their ways.

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