Greening Consumer Electronics

Ripple Strategies released a precedent setting research report on companies that are leading the electronics industry by moving away from chemicals that can lead to serious health and environmental problems.

The report: “Greening Consumer Electronics: Moving Away from Bromine and Chlorine” by Clean Production Action (CPA) and ChemSec, features Apple, Sony Ericsson and five other leading suppliers who have engineered environmental solutions that negate the need for most – or in some cases all – uses of brominated and chlorinated chemicals.

CPA’s Project Director Alexandra McPherson said it best in our press release: “These seven companies demonstrate that there are less toxic and still cost effective alternatives to substances of high concern that do not compromise performance or reliability. They are well positioned to gain competitive advantage in a marketplace and regulatory environment increasingly sensitive to the use of toxic chemicals in consumer products.”

Due to our strategy and outreach, the story was covered by dozens of national and international outlets including Business Week, CNET, Computer World, Greenwire, DesignNews, Mac Daily News, Chemical Watch and more!

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