BPA In Canned Foods

Ripple worked with the Breast Cancer Fund to release a groundbreaking peer-reviewed study, co-authored with Silent Spring Institute, which found food packaging to be the number one source of BPA exposure in humans. BPA, or bisphenol A, is an endocrine disrupting chemical linked to breast cancer, infertility, early puberty and other serious health problems. Sadly, it’s also commonly used in plastic containers and canned food linings, and easily leaches out into the food that we eat.

Ripple helped develop and implement the media strategy for this release, which resulted in an ABC National News story with Diane Sawyer, huge FRONT PAGE COVERAGE in the San Francisco Chronicle, Time Magazine, USA Today, an LA Times editorial, Huffington Post, plus dozens more print, radio and online stories, and over 100 TV hits! We helped create B-Roll to maximize TV coverage, and this great footage of the study’s co-authors was used to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. Suggestions for reducing exposure to BPA include cooking at home with fresh foods, avoiding canned foods, choosing glass and stainless steel food and beverage containers, and not microwaving in plastic.

Featured Media Coverage

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