Dam Home Depot

Ripple got our client, International Rivers, on the FRONT PAGE of the Atlanta Journal Constitution for an action they were taking against Home Depot during the company’s annual shareholder meeting in Atlanta. International Rivers wanted to pressure Home Depot to stop buying wood from two companies that are threatening to build five destructive dams on Southern Chile’s pristine Patagonia rivers. Ripple teased the press with the announcement of a “highly visible action” prior to the event, which received coverage on the Journal Constitution’s blog the afternoon before the meeting, and prompted three television crews to show up for the big day. International Rivers’ spokesperson Gary Hughes did interviews in Spanish with Radio Free Georgia and Atlanta Latino, plus the story ran in Chile’s La Tercera with a huge photo of the “Dam Home Depot” banner that hung over the gathering of shareholders. Ripple also placed an op-ed by Hughes on Alternet the day before the event, helping to attract national attention. This action definitely got Home Depot’s attention, and they have expressed interest in speaking with International Rivers further about their involvement with this issue.

Featured Media Coverage

Here’s a video that Home Depot put out in response to our campaign.