Recycling Beverage Containers

More than 200 billion beverage containers are sold in the U.S. each year, and over 130 billion of those are sent to landfills, representing a huge waste of natural resources. That’s why the corporate responsibility watchdog, As You Sow, decided to evaluate 23 U.S. beverage companies on their recycling practices and hired us to publicize the best and worst. Coca Cola, Anheuser Busch, Pepsi and Nestle Waters received the highest grades, while more than half failed entirely. Ripple reached out to environment, food and beverage, and business reporters in the home towns of the featured companies. Our efforts were successful in generating press and putting pressure on these companies to step up their game. The report was covered by dozens of outlets including Greenwire, Huffington Post, GreenBiz and Treehugger.

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