Keep It Real On Valentines Day

Imago Relationships International, a nonprofit founded by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. (author of the best-selling book “Getting the Love You Want” and regular guest on Oprah), came to Ripple for help enhancing the media profile for this relationship therapy organization. We came up with the idea of a Valentine’s Day campaign called “Keep It Real,” during which Imago therapists around the world would hold free, fun, group therapy sessions introducing people to Imago, and making the holiday more meaningful than chocolates or flowers.

The therapists were enthusiastic, and successful “Keep It Real” events took place in 50 cities around the world, attracting thousands of people who were looking to do something meaningful for their relationships. Ripple generated coverage of this event featuring Imago in Redbook, Woman’s World,, Dish Magazine, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Indianapolis Woman, LA Splash, Michigan Chronicle, Sacramento Magazine and many more local papers around the globe.

Featured Media Coverage

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