Target: Target Stores

Ripple worked with 60 environmental groups around the country to publicize protests at Target stores nationwide for their refusal to take PVC – the poison plastic – off of their shelves. PVC, commonly known as vinyl, is extremely toxic in its production, use and disposal. It has been linked to cancer, reproductive problems, diabetes and organ toxicity. This story – spearheaded by the The Center for Health, Environment & Justice, was featured on Alternet’s front page along with the hilarious flash video “Sam Suds and the Case of PVC, the Poison Plastic”. Ripple wrote a template advisory and press release for the local groups, who all generated coverage in their areas. Not long after, in a major victory, Target Stores announced that they were going to reduce their use of PVC in children’s products and packaging “amid pressure from consumer, health and environmental groups,” said the Wall Street Journal. Our client was the lead NGO spokesperson for this article.

Featured Media Coverage

Ripple also publicized this video as part of CHEJ’s PVC-Free Campaign: