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Ripple has perfected the process of ghost-writing op-eds, blog posts and other thought leadership pieces by coming up with compelling and timely topics; conducting interviews to capture the author’s authentic voice; and peppering this fresh, regularly-updated content with key words to increase SEO. We can help place these pieces in strategic outlets, or they can be used for newsletters, websites, social media, and more. Below please find some highlights of pieces Ripple has written and/or placed on behalf of clients.




Why investing in education is good for our economy

For kids, education is a basic human right. For adults, providing that education is a moral imperative. Those are the high-minded reasons that we invest in our public schools, but now the number-crunchers at Standard & Poor’s have given us one more: For the national economy, education is the tide that lifts all boats. If […]

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The Power of the Collective: Co-location & the Social Economy

The socio-political and economic conditions in North America have been undergoing a considerable shift over the last several decades. The end of the post-WWII “golden age” heralded a gradual erosion of the Keynesian welfare state social safety-net and as a result, state funding has been continuously withdrawn from social services. The reason for this shift […]

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The business case for sustainable electronics

It doesn’t take a genius to see that electronics are more widely used than ever before. People have become nearly inseparable from their smartphones, tablets and laptops. And they eagerly await the release of newer devices promising faster processing, better screen resolution, more apps, more functionality, more everything. The magnitude of the market for digital […]

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